Need a home inspection in McMinnville?

McMinnville, Oregon

As many of us do before a purchase, we research the product. PacWest offers an extensive home inspection by licensed inspectors where we walk through and discuss every aspect of your property with you and your real estate. Within 24 hours of our home inspection, you will have an easy-to-read report available. Never hesitate to call or email us for further explanation about the results contained within your report.

For every physical aspect and systematic feature of your home, we breakdown our findings into as many as 4 tabs: overview, information, limitations, and standards. Our goal is to outline the current condition of your roof, garage, sewer, etc. and how it compares to its corresponding safety standard. Items that fall short of these standards are labeled by their threat level from a simple cosmetic repair to an immediate safety concern. As an added measure, we run the make and model of your built-in appliances through our RecallChek program checking over 205 million recall reports from multiple public databases at no extra cost. PacWest Home Inspections puts all our focus on you.

When Is A Home Inspection Needed?

Home inspections are needed when you are buying a new piece of property. If a larger issue arises with a building’s electrical system or foundation, for example, you are given the leverage to back out of a sale with little to no penalties. Now when you’re moving into a newly constructed home, the building company usually offers a home warranty lasting 1 to 3 years. Schedule a full home inspection before your warranty expires.

Is a home inspection needed before your warranty is up? No. Is it prudent of new property owners? Yes. Because the responsibility of repairs is most likely still covered by the construction company, you save yourself time and money down the line by addressing existing or developing problems now.


McMinnville is located very close to the city of Portland, just 37 miles away. It is centrally located in the state of Oregon, making it a popular destination that is easily accessible. 

McMinnville is famous for the artisan dining experiences coupled with the trademark viticulture. The city is located in Yamhill County, and is a suburban city that is attractive to families with young children. 

Real Estate

McMinnville is a relatively large city in Oregon, with a population of over 33,000 people according to the last census. 

Since McMinnville is a mostly suburban area, the homes are not priced as they would be in a large metropolitan city. Homes have a median value of $219,800, which is higher than the national average of $184,700, but lower than other cities in Oregon such as Salem or Portland. 


The education system in McMinnville is better than the average school in Oregon, with top rated schools and high school to college graduation rates high. The majority of people in McMinnville have attended at least some college, or have received a degree for higher education. 

35% of residents have attended some college or hold an associate’s degree, 14% have a bachelor’s degree, and 10% have a master’s degree. 

Job Market

The median household income in McMinnville is $50,300 annual salary, which is below the national average of $55,300. Many people in the city work in restaurants or wineries, as there are plenty of them within the city. 

Those outside of the city work on vineyards typically, or have regular business and office jobs.