Radon Risk in the Pacific Northwest

Everywhere in the United States has a potential risk for radon levels, as the gas is fairly common. Homes that don’t currently have high levels of radon will likely develop the gas at some point. 

In Oregon and Washington, there are relatively high levels of radon that have been detected. 

Risks of Radon

Radon is a lethal gas that can cause serious health effects – or even death – if it is allowed to infiltrate a home for long enough. Radon is a very dangerous gas when it is contained in an area and isn’t able to dissipate into open air properly. 

Radon should be closely monitored in homes in the Pacific Northwest, because of the geography of the landscape. 

Radon is formed when uranium is broken down in rock, soil, and water, and the gas naturally occurs as a byproduct of the breakdown process. 

When uranium is broken down it releases the radioactive gas – radon – and the gas has to escape into the open air. However this is difficult to do when the gas forms underneath the concrete slab of the foundation on a home, and the gas can seep into the home. 

Radon Can Affect the Value of a Home

If a home has very high levels of radon and no radon mitigation system in place, the cost of installing system may be asked of the sellers, money out of pocket is the same as accepting a lower offer sometimes.

The perceived value of a home can potentially decrease if radon levels are high and not addressed. Not only because of the cost of installing a mitigation system, but that the house may be considered unsafe.

However, radon can also increase the value of a home. Not by having it of course, but since radon safety is becoming more well known, a radon mitigation systems already installed may help relieve the stress of the potential risk of unsafe levels.

Radon in the Pacific Northwest

Radon in the Pacific Northwest is a well-known issue for many homes within the state. Although there have been many radon cases in the Pacific Northwest, there is also a low risk level involved. 

This is because radon mitigation systems are effective and work correctly for many years. There can also be radon detection systems applied into a home that has a mitigation system, in order to alert the homeowner if the system is not working properly.